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Break of international supply chain in F100, North_West Nigeria

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CEO Ivoire Global Health

Normal user

4 Feb 2021, 12:27

Dear Forum members

Being a Global Health professionnal, i hardly observe

 that its quite difficult to start a Nutrition Programme in N-W Nigeria.

Just because WE dont have F100. Who could help on that?

Whatever you bring to us would be fine. But our Real need IS 

Therapeutic Food.

Dr. Kamal Raj

Normal user

5 Feb 2021, 09:20

Dear Zana,

Make a case with your real data compeling the need for Therapuetic food for SAM children. Sharing your data with the Chief of Nutrition in UNICEF Nigeria would help procure supplies, UNICEF is quick in it's response. 

If you have SAM children with medical complications, please let the WHO surveillance Officer in your area know. WHO has the mandate to treat medical complications of SAM children. 

I suggest this based on my experience with both UNICEF and WHO. Best Regards.    


CEO Ivoire Global Health

Normal user

5 Feb 2021, 10:53

Dear Kamal Raj,

Your  answer triggered a series of  actions to be 

taken. Thanks for that.



Technical expert

5 Feb 2021, 13:11

Dear Coulibaly,

I dont personally know of any context where WHO has a mandate for supplying therapeutic food. Please contact UNICEF for any therapeutic product needs (RUTF / F75 / F100)


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