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Factors Influencing Handwashing Practice Among Primary School Children Attending at Altadamun School, Mogadishu-Somalia

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Mohamed Hassan Mohamed


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25 Feb 2021, 05:23

Abstract: Background: this study investigated factors influencing hand washing practice with special focus to educational
factors, socioeconomic factors and cultural factors influencing hand washing practice among primary school children attending
at Altadamun School, Mogadishu-Somalia. Factors the main objective of this study is factors influencing hand washing
practice remain a major problem in developing hygiene related diseases among primary school children. Methods: the study
employed descriptive approach and sought to cover the descriptive elements of the research process. Data collected using
questionnaire, and SPSS statistical software version 16 was used to analyze the dataset whereby total of 184 respondents
selected from primary School children attending at Altadamun School were participated in this study. Results: this study
presents critical analysis of the involvement of factors influencing hand washing practice among primary School children
Mogadishu-Somalia. The findings of the study revealed that awareness of the respondents about hand washing practice was
very low due to lack of education about the importance of hand washing and cultural influences. The findings from objective
one of this study implies other findings that revealed lack of education of pupils about hand washing practice increases their
risk of becoming exposed to hygiene diseases. According to the second objective of this study, findings from the result in
Tables 12, 13 and 9 showed that all the respondents never washed their hands while at School. This finding still agrees with
Piney, Jamison and others (2000). In view of the fact, based on the finding from the result of the analysis in Tables 16, 17 and
18 respectively indicated that all the respondents were not often washed their hands with soap before eating food. This finding
agrees with the Rosen, UNICEF and others in the 2007 findings from the study carried out Grange school in Nigeria.
Conclusion: this study recommends that there is a need for water, sanitation and hygiene lessons in school curriculum to be
taught at schools, sitting up hand washing facilities in all public and private schools as well as cultural change through
community awareness.
Keywords: Hand Washing, Practice, Sanitation, Hygiene, School Children

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