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Action Against Hunger, Uganda - Nutrition Programme Coverage Survey (SQUEAC)

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Bridget Corliss

Action Against Hunger - Nutrition PM

Normal user

10 May 2011, 22:23

Please apply online at Objective To plan, implement, monitor and report on nutrition coverage survey in Karamoja Region, Uganda. The survey will be conducted between June and July 2011. Fine details on dates and activity schedule with be finalized on availability of the consultant. The PROGRAM MANAGER will be responsible for the preparation, implementation, analysis and reporting aspects of the SQUEAC survey in collaboration with the Nutrition Department in Uganda. Main Outputs of the Consultancy 1. To ensure all preparation of the programme coverage surveys (SQUEAC) * Preparation of questionnaire in collaboration with technical coordinators * Define sampling frame and sampling methodology * Participate in the planning and organization of all needs with Logistics in Kampala and field bases 2. To manage the complete implementation process of the survey Information to Authorities: * Authority to for conducting the survey will be sought prior to the start of the surveys with the help of nutrition program staff. * Presentation of survey teams to local authorities upon arrival at programme areas. Human Resources: * A team of 2 national ACF program staff will be assigned to the PROGRAM MANAGER for carrying out the survey and supervision of enumerators. The most senior of these staff (Program Officer) will be under the direct supervision of the PROGRAM MANAGER. * To identify enumerators for field work (this can be achieved with the help of the nutrition program manager for Karamoja). Those who have participated in previous surveys will be preferred. Training * To prepare for training of survey enumerators * To plan and implement training in the field, including a field test. Data Collection * To define clear planning for the data collection and share it with the NutCo in Kampala * To enforce adherence to the data collection plan in the field. * Supervise teams to ensure timely completion of questionnaires as per the defined plans Data Quality Supervision * To ensure timeliness and quality in the data collection and entry process. 3. Reporting * To produce 1 nutrition coverage survey report, including results and data analysis for Karamoja i.e (Kaabong and Moroto). The reports should be prepared in the standard ACF format.

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