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Webinar question: 'enabling environments' for adolescent health and nutrition

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Stephanie Wrottesley

Emergency Nutrition Network

Forum moderator

3 Mar 2021, 10:15

Question arising from the ENN webinar:

To what extent should 'enabling environments' for impacts on adolescent health include collaboration with the food industry as an essential component and to what extent is policy/regulation etc. needed here?  

Anonymous 34259


Normal user

3 Mar 2021, 11:06

I would guide you to the Conceptual Framework of food systems for children and adolescents to find actors across food supply chains and food environments that play a role in the diets of children and adolescents.

Conceptual framework of food systems for children and adolescents - ScienceDirect


Technical expert

4 Mar 2021, 09:33

This is a really good question and unfortunately hasn't received much focus in the research or in development of interventions, that we have reviewed. ENN has recently conducted systematic literature reviews for adolescent nutrition interventions, and most we found focused on supplementation, fortification, meal provision or education for adolescents in schools - it feels like research how to impact the wider environment that shapes adolescents access to healthy food is largely overlooked. 

I think the conceptual framework mentioned above is really useful and does encourage engagement with the food industry - however, I think there is less known or researched about what actually should be done in this regard to positively influence adolescent nutrition. 

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