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datas available on MAM program coverage

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Cécile Cazes

Normal user

8 Mar 2021, 19:06

Dear collegues,

I have difficulty to find recent data on coverage for MAM program (SFP) in sub saharian African in general and more specifically in DRC. I would be grateful to you if you have such references.

Many thanks.

Hugh Lort-Phillips

Senior Nutrition Assessment Advisor

Technical expert

11 Mar 2021, 16:56

Dear Cecile, 

Are you referring to geographic coverage of MAM treatment or treatment coverage of MAM treatment? 

If treatment coverage, during the Coverage Monitoring Network, a number of SQUEAC and SLEAC surveys were completed in districts of the DRC (in approximately 8 districts across the country). However all were completed in SAM treatment programmes, and none have been completed since 2015 (that we are aware of). However SAM treatment coverage and MAM treatment coverage in the same district are likely to have similar coverage estimates as the same barriers to access face carers of SAM cases as MAM cases. Different treatment protocols may result in some differences in coverage, but these are unlikely to result in major differences. Therefore if you have access to recent SAM treatment coverage estimates, these could be used as a proxy for MAM treatment coverage. I can share SQUEAC survey reports completed in DRC if needed. 

I hope this helps. Good luck, Hugh        

Cécile Cazes

Normal user

15 Mar 2021, 11:03

Thanks for your answer Hugh.

My question targets at first geographical coverage survey (% of health structure that offers care for MAM) but I am also interested in treatment coverage (% of MAM children who received MAM supplementaion).

Yes I am interested in SQEAC survey on SAM conducted in DRC.

Many thanks for your help.


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