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Webinar question: What major interventions should we focus on to improve adolescent nutrition?

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Natasha Lelijveld

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9 Mar 2021, 15:31

Question arising from webinar: What major interventions should we focus on to improve adolescent nutrition?

Please share any thoughts on this - any organisational or national priority areas that we can learn from. 


Elena Hemler

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24 Mar 2021, 19:30

Our group at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health is focusing on two areas of adolescent nutrition 1) micronutrient supplementation and 2) integrated interventions including school gardens, school meals and education. 

We are currently implementing a School-Based Assessment of Micronutrient Interventions in Adolescents in Burkina Faso (SAMIA). This randomized trial is assessing effects of iron and folic acid supplementation and multiple micronutrient supplementation on anemia status, school performance/attendance and development outcomes among adolescents in Burkina Faso. More information is available at:

We are also implementing a study in Tanzania called Meals, Education, and Gardens for In-School Adolescents (MEGA). This study will assess effects of a comprehensive, school-based nutrition intervention package on anemia status, anthropometric indicators, school performance/attendance, and development indicators among adolescents, and knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to nutrition, agriculture, and WASH among parents in Tanzania. More information is available here:

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