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Discharge procedure for TSFP Beneficiary

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Health and nutrition field officer

Normal user

18 Mar 2021, 10:51


I would like to know that  TSFP beneficiary has the rights to receive Food ration on discharge day?

As we know before discharging TSFP beneficiary by the time they reach their target weight or MUAC. Normally,   we have to get two consecutive visits of weight gaining and the program distribution pattern is Bi-weekly, so by the first visit he/she reaches the target weight I have to wait another visit which will be after two weeks so my question is will I give his/her food ration on this discharge day?

Any one who can help me on this ? 

Paul Mabany

Filed Nutrition Officer

Normal user

18 Mar 2021, 11:08


what i know for TSFP beneficiary  is that when they reached the discharge criteria they must go home with their final Food ration,  the last rations for two weeks  once  exiting the program

Best Regards


Lovely Amin

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

18 Mar 2021, 12:36

Well it depends on the supply of RUSF in the project.  If you have enough supply it is better to give them a two weeks ration to get adjusted with family food and not to lose wait in the transition period.  However, MAM cases are not as vulnerable as SAM cases, if SAM cases are discharged and going home without two weeks supplies,unless they enrolled  toTSFP it is worrisome.   For MAM  cases if supply is there then better to give, otherwise not they can cope with family food. 


Guma Bashar

National Initiative Development Organization (NIDO

Normal user

13 Jun 2021, 09:17

Discharged case from MAM program children should be given final 2 weeks ration to prevent deterioration as a result of sudden weaning as they were on high density food and continue monitoring of the child through community outreach works for at least one month.  

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