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Cure rate of HIV positive patients with wasting/acute malnutrition

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Anonymous 32012

Senior Nutrition Advisor

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20 Apr 2021, 16:40

Are there any publications on cure rate of HIV positive patients?  

Dr Marko Kerac


Normal user

20 Apr 2021, 17:33

Dear colleague,

There are lots - but you may need to dig into details. See for example:

- Follow-up of post-discharge growth and mortality after treatment for severe acute malnutrition (FuSAM study): a prospective cohort study

I'm sure there are also many reviews- the below is from 2009, so I'm sure there are others published since. Hopefully with much better outcomes given wide rollout of HIV services since then.

Improving survival of children with severe acute malnutrition in HIV-prevalent settings

Hope that helps. Good luck in your work!


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