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Household dietary diversity score

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Normal user

25 Apr 2021, 11:57

When coding the responses for the food groups consumed by the households.

how to code the foods which have been consumed for more than one time in a day? And secondly, rice as a food which is mixture of many products like onion, etc -  should we code the supplements also?

How can we code tea? 

Damien Pereyra Ngono

Nutrition data specialist

Normal user

26 Apr 2021, 07:18

Dear Hanif,

The HDDS is build from a qualitative 24H-recall. This score should reflect the diversity of the diet (not the quantity or frequency of food intake). For example: If a staple such as 'rice' is consume 3 time a day, this maybe be consider as a monotonous diet (not diverse) that is why you count this food item as 1 point (FG-Grain: consumed).

For your second point, you need to distinguish the difference between a food item/ingredient, a food group and a recipes. For example: ‘fried rice with vegetable' is a recipe. During the interview you need to explore the ingredient introduce during the preparation and their quantity in order to decide if the food group corresponding to one food item introduce into the recipe is consider as consumed. For Individual DD (MDD-W) it has to be a minimum quantity of 15g to be consider as consumed (if I remerber well). At household level (HDDS) it is more complex: see the FAO guideline on HDDS saction 4.2 (p.17)

Hope this explanation is clear and from some help

kara gaspard

NO/ Unicef

Normal user

26 Apr 2021, 08:35

As you are not calculating energy in take- all food consummed more time in a day are coding only once.

secondly, record the group of the supplement only once.

this is my view.



Normal user

26 Apr 2021, 16:21


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