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Assessment of impact of Fathers' support group

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Dr. James Oloyede

FHI360/Alive and Thrive

Normal user

20 May 2021, 11:53

I would like to find out whether there is a guideline developed by IYCF-E group or by any country on how to assess the impact or the contribution of Fathers' Support Groups to improve IYCF in emergency. My organization is planning to do a rapid assessment in loations where we operate.

Many thanks

Thembisani Maphosa

International Medical Corps

Normal user

16 Jun 2021, 09:31

Reach out to Save the Children, they have good content on that for NE Nigeria.

Jodine Chase

IFE Core Group Facilitator

Normal user

30 Jun 2021, 09:26


Here is a paper that may be helpful: Fathers perceptions and personal experiences of complementary feeding of children 6 to 23 months in south-western Zimbabwe : - the paper can give you some ideas about the kinds of questions to ask etc.

Also, I am sure you have seen this: Facilitator's Guide for Father-to-Father Support Groups which also may give you some ideas on the messages/questions to ask.

I hope others can contribute too!




Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

30 Jun 2021, 10:24

Just flagging a recent webinar by the World Bank:

Childcare Solutions: Changing fathers’ attitudes and involvement in care and early childhood education’-attitudes-and-involvement-care-and-early-childhood-0

It may be of help and provide ideas for indicators.

kara gaspard

NO/ Unicef

Normal user

30 Jun 2021, 13:09

hello Tamsin.

you are very appreciated. sincerely 

Michelle Pensa Branco

SafelyFed Canada, Co-Founder/Clinical Lead

Normal user

30 Jun 2021, 18:22

Hello! I recently gathered a few resources on father support groups/resources for a discussion group within a course I am doing. These are not IYCF-E resources specifically, but I thought they might spark some interest and/or contacts for further exploration. There are French language links as well. 

24 HR Cribside Assistance

WABA Webinar Engaging Fathers in Breastfeeding

Fathers and breastfeeding in Indonesia

R.O.B.E. (Reaching our Brother Everywhere)

En français:


Parrains Nourri-Source

Représentations et expériences des pères à propos de l'allaitement

Initiative Amis des Pères 

Thank you!

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