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Seminar June 24: Anthropometric deficits in infants aged under six months and its associations with body composition and body proportions: Evidence from Ethiopia

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Kelsey Grey

Emergency Nutrition Network

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16 Jun 2021, 17:03

As part of the University College London's Institute for Global Health Centre for the Health of Women Children and Adolescents (HWCA) seminar series, this month Carlos Grijalva-Eternod will present on the very important topic of undernutrition in very young children in Ethiopia.

Abstract: Poor understanding of malnutrition burden is a common reason for not prioritizing the care of small and nutritionally at-risk infants aged under-six months (infants u6m). In this talk Carlos Grijalva-Eternod will present the results of health centre survey aimed to quantify the burden of anthropometric deficits of infants attending health clinics, for any reason. The survey data also generated evidence of how different indicators of anthropometric deficits appear to select for different body traits at this young age.

Biography of our speaker: Carlos Grijalva-Eternod is a Research Fellow at the UCL Institute for Global Health and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Following his training as a clinical dietician in Mexico, he specialised in public health and child development in the UK. His work focuses on understanding the developmental origins of undernutrition and chronic diseases, the assessing of nutritional and well-being status among infants, children and adults living in vulnerable settings, and the impact evaluation of nutrition and nutrition-sensitive interventions, such as cash transfers, that are aimed at improving such status. Carlos has worked in Latin America, Africa, Central Asia and Europe with vulnerable communities that experience poverty, environmental challenges such as droughts, or have been forcefully displaced such as refugees.

Time: Jun 24, 2021 12:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 993 1591 7670

Passcode: 209664

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