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FHI 360 is recruiting an Emergency Nutrition Technical Manager for a consultancy

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Senior Emergency Nutrition Adviser

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23 Jun 2021, 07:36


FHI 360 is harnessing its four decades of development experience to provide humanitarian assistance in crisis-affected countries. FHI 360’s Crisis Response Team (CRT) meets the urgent needs of people whose lives are jeopardized by conflict, disaster or displacement. FHI 360’s Crisis Response Team is looking to expand operations and technical programming in Tigray, Ethiopia, to respond to the current crisis. FHI 360 is responding to the conflict by intervening in the health, nutrition, and WASH sectors.

Scope of Work

In this particular context, the Crisis Response Team requires a highly skilled Emergency Nutrition Technical Manager to support the ongoing health, nutrition, and WASH integrated response of FHI 360. The consultant will also provide technical support to the nutrition in emergency component of the response. The Emergency Nutrition Technical Manager will support the various teams working within the Mobile Medical Teams and the static health facility and provide support to health and nutrition workers working directly at the community level.

The Emergency Nutrition Technical Manager will lead the technical tasks and supervise implementing the nutrition response. The Emergency Nutrition Technical Manager will mentor and supervise the Health and Nutrition team to ensure coverage and high-quality programming. The candidate will also have to support capacity development activities and have some understanding of SMART surveys.

Please click on the link for all the details related to the consultancy and the steps on how to apply: 

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