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How can we advance nutrition among marginalized populations in Africa? THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

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29 Jun 2021, 11:05

From Joyce Ene Ocheola Oki:

Vulnerable pastoral populations are usually not totally considered while penning down nutrition policies and malnutrition. Additionally, nutrition related non-communicable diseases are on the increase in these areas. Hence there is a need to raise public  awareness on the control and management of these nutrition related diseases.

I am sharing an international conference proposal which is scheduled to take place in Ethiopia. The Executive Summary is below. Do make efforts to attend. For the full proposal or further inquiries, please contact  Hassen Mahamed Jeeraar through his email Cell Phone: +251915649954/+251910061478

kind regards 

Joyce Ene Ocheola Oki


Jigjiga University, Ethiopia, September 2021

The Jigjiga University in collaboration with Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will organize the 3rd international conference on “Narrowing the nutrition disparity gap among pastoralist populations in the Horn of Africa” in sub-theme Advancing nutrition and food security in the Horn of Africa. Building upon the achievements of the 2nd international conference, the team is committed to yet again bring researchers, service providers, public health experts/control, program implementers & policy makers to discuss on the current issues of nutrition & health in vulnerable pastoral populations, and to advocate, mobilize & raise awareness of the public as a whole to control and eliminate malnutrition and nutrition-related non-communicable disorders (NR-NCDs) by the year 2030 as per the global Scaling Up Nutrition movement. The conference will be conducted from 28-29 September, 2021 in Jigjiga, Ethiopia, with the following main components: key note addresses, opening remarks, panel discussions, and oral and poster presentations of different research findings on nutrition, health and food insecurity impacts on health. A total of 250 participants will be expected to attend the scientific conference being organized by JJU with its partner organizations/institutes. Participants will be from IGAD, FMOH, FMANRs, FMLF, and other concerned Federal ministry offices, Regional State concerned Bureaus, zonal health and agriculture departments, District health and offices, universities, health and agriculture science colleges, partner organization and international stakeholders and/or researchers.

The overall budget of the meetings and the conference is estimated to be 4,503,726.00 (four million five hundered three thousand and seven hundered twenty six birr only) Ethiopian Birr.

Objectives of the symposium

General objective

To bring researchers, service providers/practitioners, and policy makers to discuss on the current issues of Nutrition and Food security in the horn of Africa region and to advocate, mobilize & raise awareness of the public as a whole to address malnutrition and food security in the region. 

Specific objectives

To disseminate research findings and use as an input for program implementation.

To share experience, best practices on current status of nutrition and food security programs among countries, program implementers and service providers in the region.

To  raise  awareness  on  malnutrition and food security  facts, available  services  and  levels  of commitment on the general public, academic institutions and practitioners.

To collaborate with national & international partners on nutrition and food security research.

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