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Developing Mobile offline App to communicate health and Nutrition messages

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Ezeldin Idris

Nutrition Manger

Normal user

2 Aug 2021, 15:12

Dear EN- NET members,

I planning to Develop Mobile offline App to communicate health and Nutrition messages in order reduce malnutrition in Sudan, Darfur region and improve health practices among the family’s members.

The idea is distributing phone app with who have smart phone, which will be offline application and the beneficiaries can access the answers according to their interest.

I need ideas and help from you guys if you have same experience or same thinking.

Thank you in advance 

Ezzadin Idris

Dr. Asef Ghyasi

nutrition experts

Normal user

4 Aug 2021, 11:52

Dear Ezzadine Idris,

this is good idea, for those who have food available, and it will increse nutrition knowlege of these benificiries, from other side if people do not have access to food , how you can support them,

but we have some projects , for health ifirmation and COVID 19, which few people are responsible to responce health information, to needy people , but it seems which are not effective enoughe ,

we had a project to the community health workers, which phone was with them, and 2 staff 24/7 was onduty to communicate with them and help them to mange the health problems of them,  at the same time we had contract with local transport organs, and we paid the transport charges , and they were trasfer preganant women for the trteatment  and mangement  deliveries.

we would like to wish sucess in your works.

Ezeldin Idris

Nutrition Manger

Normal user

9 Aug 2021, 09:38

Sangwani Chavula


Normal user

9 Aug 2021, 09:52

I am looking forward to the APP. Maybe that can also assist in other countries like where i am. I am in Malawi.

saloua labzizi

Diététiciennet et Nutritionniste de santé publique

Normal user

9 Aug 2021, 15:27

Hello dear Ezzadin Idris

Thank you very much for this initiative and I encourage you to get started as soon as possible given the increased need in the field. I think that whether there is an availability of food or a lack, the application will only bring benefits to the population so that they are imbued and aware of their problems as well as the proposed solutions.

I could help you as a public health nutritionist in the development of the content of the application and why not think of extending this initiative to other issues.

Yours truly

Gertrude Wafula

Global Health & Education Sector Capacity Builder

Normal user

9 Aug 2021, 17:36

Dear Idris,

The Idea is good and I have also been interested in this for last-mile communities where there is no access to health care facilities. We can also use this as an alert tool for children who have been identified with SAM and Oedema. The app can serve as both an educational and monitoring tool. I'm happy to collaborate on this.  Please get my details on LinkedIn so we can discuss further strategies and involvement.

Dr Gertrude Wafula.

Dr. Roshan Amarathunga from Sri Lanka

Doctor in National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka

Normal user

10 Aug 2021, 05:35

 I'm a qualified general practitioner with special training in Human Nutrition. I have some computer skills with Ms access too. So I would give my best support to develop an app. Most of the nutritional problems are associated with inadequate food intake & disease status. So health evaluation and education are also needed. Further, we can have room to contact.

My WhatsApp no  +94774552547

Dr. Asef Ghyasi

nutrition experts

Normal user

10 Aug 2021, 11:01

Dear Ezzadin Idris and other respected colleagues, thanks for the interest on apps, I had suggestion for those who have qualification on producing apps, if we have apps to enter age, weight and height of children and adolescents, to know thier nutrition status like wasting, stunting, underweight or over weight like BMI(Body mass Index) or MUAC (Mid Upper Arm Circumference), like this we will have a lot of advantages for parents and individuals , to know easy their nutritional status.

If some applications are already exist, please guide us.

Dr Moussa MBOW

Directeur Exécutif de l'Association ICADES

Normal user

10 Aug 2021, 11:40


I am a doctor epidemiologist, I praise this initiative which would fill a void in the context of COVID, I am already thinking of the kobotoolsbox which can be used by GPS.

Mohamed Abdinasir Sirad


Normal user

10 Aug 2021, 13:08

Dear idiris,

Thank you very much for your initiative idea creating an app for updates of nutrition status both PLWs and acutely malnourished children under five of age.

I have  a skill on creating ADoK' data base  

 Let me know indicators of information.

I'm public health and nutrition expert, I had worked for Local agencies, international organizations and MoH or governmental institutions more than 10 years in Somalia

feel free to contact +252906957617 whats app.

Thank you.


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