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Action Against Hunger UK is looking for a data Analyst and research Advisor

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Action Against Hunger

Normal user

17 Aug 2021, 22:41

Action Against Hunger-UK is currently looking for a Data Analyst and Research Adviser to join our team in London.  The Data Analyst and Research Adviser will work within the Nutrition Unit of the Operations Department at Action Against Hunger UK. The Adviser will support the unit in the planning, implementation and follow-up of nutrition assessments (SMART, SQUEAC/SLEAC, Community assessment, etc…) and research worldwide, With emphasis on Link NCA.  The person will also support any work within the unit’s mandate, in close cooperation with MEAL services, as part of the organisation’s growing consultancy model. The jobholder will support the unit in the dissemination, correct understanding and utilisation of nutrition assessment methodologies among/by key stakeholders in the development and humanitarian sector.  They will apply analytical skills, strong technical experience and enjoy a flexible and adaptive working environment, while supporting the positioning of Action Against Hunger as a key reference on nutrition assessments and research.

Deadline to apply: 9th of September 2021

This deadline has been revised and applications will now close on 5th September 2021

Apply here

Anonymous 24

Forum moderator

25 Aug 2021, 11:28

Dear all,

Apologies, there is a mistake in this post and the deadline for applications should read 5th September 2021.

Best wishes,


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