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KAP Assessment in Nutrition Intervention sites

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Fahdullah Shakir


Normal user

24 Sep 2021, 18:10

Dear All

Greetings !

I am writing here for technical expert opinion, that we are going to conduct KAP assessment in the ongoing nutrition intervention areas of District Peshawar KP Pakistan. Our Nutrition Assistants providing curative as well as preventive services to severe acute malnurished children along with pregnant, lactating and adolescent girls. They are also counselling caretakers on IYCF, maternal diet and other related topics on time to time. 

We need to know about the impact of the staff counselling that they are doing to know the KAP of mothers and relation of this with their children nutritional status. 

What type of questions we need to include in the questionnaire. Is KAP enough for that? We also having budget constraints.

Thanks in advance for guidance  



Nutrition Manager 

Maree Bouterakos

Head of Nutrition, World Health Organization (WFP)

Normal user

5 Oct 2021, 03:05

There are guidelines that have been developed by FAO which provid extensive guidance on collecting such data, and provides example questions that can be used depending on the expected outcomes and objectives of your project. 

The guidelines can be accessed here

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