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Calculation of Nutrient rations and General Food Distribution

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Solidarites International

Normal user

8 Oct 2021, 14:15

I want to learn how to calculate food ration and Nutrient rations

Dr. Asef Ghyasi

nutrition experts

Normal user

10 Oct 2021, 12:15

hello , please send me your email add , so I will send you the one xcell sheet, which you can calculate food rations.

I was able to send the attachment. through this email.


Frequent user

11 Oct 2021, 08:53

Hi Blessing,

You might try using NutVal. On the downloads page there are also links to training on how to use it,



Anonymous 40786


Normal user

11 Oct 2021, 09:29

Hi Dr. Ghyasi 

I would like to have your excel sheet too. is my email address. Would be very useful for my studies. 


Gorkem Aydogan

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