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Quality of follow up for small and nutritionally vulnerable <6M.

This question was posted the Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) forum area and has 2 replies.

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Maha Basodan

Normal user

2 Nov 2021, 14:09

Dear colleagues,

I am  looking to a model/ criteria to qualify the follow up service for Small and nutritinally vulnerable <6M infants as adequate or inadequate. Does anyone have an idea or can recommend any source that can help?

Thanks in advance

Alice Burrell

MAMI Advisor - Save the Children

Technical expert

23 Nov 2021, 15:02

Dear Maha,

I am not completely clear what it is you are looking for - but if you wish to assess the quality of a follow-up monitoring visit for mother-infant pairs enrolled in to the MAMI Care Pathway, I'd suggest to create a supervision checklist. This does not yet exist that I am area of, but would likely include the critical aspects that a health worker should complete at a follow-up visits and could be completed as a spot-check by supervisors, for example:

- infant checked for IMCI danger signs

- infant's growth, feeding and maternal mental are monitored

- relevant counselling is provided e.g. tailored to specific challenges and actions agreed, in line with counselling SOP (there are existing checklists to check the quality of a 1-1 counselling e.g. good listening skills, empathy, non-judgemental, heads in line, no barriers, patient, small amount of info provided)

- Frequency of visits is assessed and next visit date is agreed

- If infant is 6 months of age, 6-month of age outcome review is completed with relevant referrals to continued services made

Hatty Barthorp

Global Nut' Advisor / GOAL

Normal user

24 Nov 2021, 09:40

Maha - Are you looking for markers/metrics to assess the quality of care after enrolment, or markers to assess the development of the infant recieving supportive care?

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