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Contacts at RUTF production facilities - Madagascar, Burundi, Uganda?

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CRI Foundation

Normal user

13 Dec 2021, 18:13

I am looking for RUTF suppliers in Madagascar, Burundi, or Uganda, in particular direct contacts as I am not having any success contacting companies through their general email addresess or phone lines. Any leads would be much appreciated. 


Health Advisor

Normal user

14 Dec 2021, 14:52


I strongly suggest to look and discuss with UNICEF / MoH especially (nutrition division) for Burudi and MAdagascar where the team are both working togheter and closely in the management of the pipeline and supply chain of RUTF.



Anonymous 40852

spécialiste gestion des connaissances des projets

Normal user

14 Dec 2021, 16:20

Hello, I suggest you get in touch with the NUTRISET team.

Erwan Chapuis

Director of partnerships NUTRISET

Normal user

16 Dec 2021, 17:26

Dear Lucia,

you can contact me by email at and I will be able to provide you some information regarding your request, at least for Madagascar as one of our partner is producing RUTF there (Tanjaka Foods). Best regards, Erwan 


Normal user

23 Apr 2023, 02:18

Good Morning Sir /Madam,

I pray that  my message finds you well and be lucky to get an immediate response. I am a Ugandan in kampala we  have been recommended by PEDS to give my baby RUTF but unfortunately its hard to get however in 2019 we were  able to get  it from entebbe hospital but this time have to failed to get it so i will be very pleased and humbled  with your response over my babies health.Thank you



Normal user

23 Apr 2023, 12:46

Dear Tahaan,

I am sorry to hear that your baby is ill. In order to get proper treatment for your child (well diagnosed and monitored), Kindly reach Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Mwanamugimu Nutrition Unit, and ask to see a pediatrician, Nutritionist, and Nurse. This team will be in the best position to assess your child and provide relevant support. The treatment and care services provided at the Nutrition unit are absolutely free. If you live closer to Entebbe then visit the Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital. The hospital nutrition unit will also be able to provide appropriate care. RUTF in Uganda is not sold. It is only provided in hospital to children that have been diagnosed with Uncomplicated severe acute malnutrition, a diagnosis that the team at Mulago or Entebbe will clearly explain to you.

Good luck and I wish your baby a quick recovery.


CEO Ivoire Global Health

Normal user

23 Apr 2023, 18:27

Dear  Sir, this is a real concern. Better look around national authority in charge of nutrition programme their could advice or UN agencies such WFP, WHO or International NGO involve in nutrition response. Hope to have help!!!


Normal user

24 Apr 2023, 21:46

I am real humbled with your immediate positive response.

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