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Can ENA produce complied Plausibility report and Nutrition assesssment report from all districts?

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Adnan Ahmed Sheikh

Research Associate

Normal user

3 Feb 2022, 08:14

I have been generating Plausibility report and Nutrition assessment report from ENA district wise,  but I want to compile all districts lets suppose if they are 6 or 8 districts and get a result from ENA, is it possible to put all the values all together  and get a compiled report.
Thank you in advance to everyone for your usual support


Alexa Humphreys

Assessment Advisor

Normal user

6 Feb 2022, 10:53

Dear Adnan,

If your aim is to produce nutrition estimates in ENA for a combined dataset (of the 6-8 districts) you will need to consider and apply weighting, as the districts will naturally have different population sizes. Therefore, you will need to determine a “WTFACTOR” that is applied to all observations in each district.

The process for this is detailed in the ENA for SMART User Manual which can be downloaded here: The explanation for how to create this weighting factor begins on page 60. With this you can produce estimates for the complete combined dataset and results will be representative. 

Lastly, you can run a plausibility check for the entire combined dataset, just one word of caution that you may see a higher SD given greater heterogeneity of the population across a larger geographic area. Consider this when you are interpreting your results. 

Best regards

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