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Lactating, breast feeding and Infant feeding in Emergencies

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Alaa Ahmad Yassine

Pharmacist - MEDAIR

Normal user

14 Feb 2022, 23:33

I am a Lebanese Pharmacist and I am searching for a course in lactating and breastfeeding and Infant feeding in Emergencies 

What options do you have for me? And how can I be enrolled in these courses?

Dr Tanya M Cassidy

International Convenor/SNPCH DCU

Normal user

15 Feb 2022, 10:02

You will want to look at the work conducted by my colleagues Karleen Gribble and Aunchalee Palmquist.  If you need any help getting any of their articles, please just let me know and I will be happy to forward them to you.

mija ververs


Normal user

15 Feb 2022, 17:08

Hi Alaa, also have a look here: Infant and young child feeding learning hub (

you have to register (for free) but once done, a wealth of info is there including courses.

Good luck, Mija

Brooke Bauer (GNC Technical Alliance)

MIYCNE and Gender Advisor GNC Technical Alliance

Normal user

16 Feb 2022, 05:14

Hi Alaa,  As Mija mentioned the IYCFE Hub is a great place to find resources.

Also, I taking a guess from the word Medair included in your title that you might be part of the humanitarian health response?  If so, you can contact the nutrition sector coordinators (contacts here) to see if there are upcoming locally led courses that you can become involved with.

UNICEF has a few courses for IYCFE on their Agora platform including a short course on IYCFE These are free, you just have to register. 

(They have an entire Nutrition in Emergencies learning channel that you might be interested in.

Hope that helps.  If none of this quite answers your needs you can contact the Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance at and request support in the upper right hand corner and they could provide additional assistance.

Hope that helps!

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