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Clarification - does one "join" - if so how?

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Mary Arimond

University of California, Davis

Normal user

24 Feb 2009, 14:09

Dear en-net, Thanks very much for this new forum. Although the log in page indicates anyone can post a question, it is not clear how, for example, to get on mailing list to be alerted to new content. There is a place for people (members?) to enter username/password but no place I could find to acquire a username/password. I will check back at this web page, but if you get a chance to answer the above that would be great.

Phil Wilks

Web developer

Normal user

24 Feb 2009, 17:40

In an effort to make the system as easy to use as possible when posting a question/reply, we decided to skip the normal account creation process and instead create an account for you automatically when you write your first post. However now that you mention it, it seems like an obvious feature to be able to "join" the forum without posting something in order to receive email updates. I will add this as an option on the current Log in page, and rename the page to Log in / create account. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions. Phil

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