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Tanahshi Botleneck Analysis applied to Integrated Managemement of Severe Acute Malnutrition

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Biram Ndiaye

Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF

Normal user

2 Jun 2011, 02:13

I would like to apply Tanahashi Botleneck analysis to integrated management of severe acute malnutrition in order to identify what are the determinant of the coverage of severe acute malnutrition in Burkina Faso. Did anyone aware of a similar work done somewhere? Otherwise, what coverage indicators would you suggest to determine accessibity, avaiblibity, utilisation, continuity, quality for management of acute malnutrition? Thank you for your support and suggestions. Regards

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

3 Jun 2011, 10:37

SQUEAC (Semi-quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage) is a method that uses similar ideas to the Tanahashi Bottleneck model You may find it a useful approach. A group from VALID International Ltd., FANTA / AED, UNICEF, Concern Worldwide, World Vision International, Action Against Hunger - UK, Tufts University, and Brixton Health have been working on documenting this method. You may download what has been done to date here. You may also find this and this useful. I hope this helps.

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