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Call for Expression of Interest: stories from local heroes fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and improving nutrition

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Anonymous 24

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3 Mar 2022, 17:25

FAO has issued a call of interest to identify local heroes to participate in a series of participatory story telling workshops on climate change, biodiversity and nutrition. This initiative will result in two short documentaries being produced in two different locations by the young people themselves.

They are looking for stories of young local actors dedicating their skills and time to fight climate change, protect biodiversity and improve nutrition in their communities. For more information, check this video on the links of climate change, biodiversity and nutrition.

The selected applicants will be trained in visual storytelling and will produce a short video documenting their daily activities at the end of the project. The final video will be posted on FAO's social media channels.

The video storytelling/video production workshops will be held online (via Zoom) and adapted to the participant's language (English or Spanish).

Selection criteria:

Individuals or groups.

Geographical coverage: Latin America (Spanish speakers), Africa (English speakers), and Asia (English speakers).

Age: 18 to 30 years old.

Internet connection.

Access to a Smartphone or video camera (desirable).

To apply, participants have to send an email to introducing themselves (name, country, and contact information) and presenting their story. They can choose one or both formats to submit their story:

1. Short video statement: 1 to 2 minutes maximum. Please send us a WeTransfer link included in the body of the email.

2. short essay (300 words maximum).

We want to know more about you, your experience, and your activism. We will evaluate solely based on content. We are not interested in the technical aspects. If you have questions or are experiencing problems uploading the video send us an email to:



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