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Lancet Global Health OptiMA DRC

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16 Mar 2022, 11:02

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you that the results of OptiMA DRC were published today in the Lancet Global Health. Such an article - with a rigorous methodology in one of the places of the world where high quality research is needed most - would not have been possible without the alliance between ALIMA and INSERM (on the CORAL platform), Pronanut/MoH in DR Congo, and, most important, the families in the Kamuesha health zone who put their trust in us. 

Full text is online here :

Our interpretation of the findings: 

"In this non-inferiority trial treating children with MUAC of less than 125 mm or oedema, decreasing RUTF dose according to MUAC and weight increase proved to be a superior strategy to the standard protocol in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These results demonstrate the safety and benefits of an approach that could substantially increase access to treatment for millions of children with acute malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa."

There was also an accompanying Commentary that can be found here :

Finally, the ALIMA communications team has some nice content across various platforms:



Many cheers everyone. And don't hesitate if you have any questions.


PS  Paper 2 comparing outcomes just among children with SAM is in preparation and we hope it is published soon. 


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16 Mar 2022, 18:11

Hi everyone, I forgot to say that this would not have been possible without financing through the wonderful Innocent Foundation. 

Cheers Kévin 

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