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Survey on Cash, Vouchers and In-Kind Assistance - USAID Advancing Nutrition

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Adam Bailes

Senior Advisor, Nutrition

Normal user

25 Apr 2022, 14:17

Dear Colleagues,

USAID Advancing Nutrition is conducting a survey to map cash, vouchers and in-kind specialized food assistance which is targeting specific vulnerable groups (e.g. pregnant and lactating women, children under five). This survey seeks to gather information about current and recent (since 2019) cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and in-kind specialized food assistance programs which either included complementary nutrition activities and/or tracked nutrition outcomes, in complex and cyclical emergency contexts - please see link above for further details. The findings of this survey will be used to help identify and develop a few select program case examples on innovative CVA and supplemental nutrition interventions, in order to disseminate learnings on successful approaches.

The results of this mapping will be published and used to inform USAID's global guidance on supplemental nutrition assistance (SNA). USAID defines SNA as “the provision of cash, vouchers, or in-kind distributions targeted to specific vulnerable groups who need additional support in order to access an adequate, diverse diet”.

Please share the survey in the various languages below with your respective colleagues. We are hoping to gather all responses by May 9, 2022.





Thank you,

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