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MAMI Indicators

This question was posted the Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) forum area and has 1 replies.

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Gamal Ali

Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

19 Jul 2022, 17:02

Mention the main indicators for MAMI impact?

Alice Burrell

Save the Children

Technical expert

22 Jul 2022, 10:56

Hi Gamal Ali,

There are no globally agreed impact indicators for MAMI yet, however in Save the Children's MAMI programmes we are measuring impact through the outcome review when the infant reaches 6-months of age and exits from the programme:

% infants exiting at 6-months of age who are thriving (i.e. infant not malnourished, no breastfeeding issues, no clinical issues)

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