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MAM with complications treated as SAM in IPF/ITFC

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Anonymous 31997

Normal user

22 Jul 2022, 15:37

Dear all,

In the MSF intersectional nutritional care protocol 2020 for children 6-59 months in Inpatient facilities (IPF/ITFC) - page 63, section 5.6 - it’s written that “The current WHO and MSF guidance is to admit MAM patients with medical complications and treat them as SAM with all the accompanying nutritional and medical treatment”.

Unfortunately, there is no references included in this intersectional guideline and I’ve never seen any protocol/guidance from WHO (nor evidence-based) supporting this assertion. If someone has it, would it be possible to share with me the official guidance from WHO?

Many thanks,

Marie McGrath

Emergency Nutrition Network

Frequent user

22 Jul 2022, 16:49

Dear Anonymous, 

There are currently no WHO guidelines on the mangememt of moderate wasting in children.  This is a recognised guideline gap and it is specifically included in the update of the WHO guidelines on wasting prevention and treatment that is well underway. Recommendations are due end of 2022/early 2023.  You can see more information about the process including the specific questions that are being addressed (some are specific to moderate wasting) here

MSF are best placed to elaborate on what basis they make recommendations on medically complicated case mangement of moderate cases in their clincial guidelines. From previous conversations I have had with clincal leads at MSF this has been based on significant case management experience.

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