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MAMI and IYCF-E materials for health workers in FRENCH for francophone Africa

This question was posted the Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) forum area and has 2 replies.

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Mija Ververs


Normal user

3 Aug 2022, 22:14

Dear colleague

I am looking for some key guidance documents on MAMI and IYCF-E in FRENCH, but it seems that a lot has not (yet) been translated in FR for francophone Africa. 

Do you know of one place where I can find all translated materails in FR? I am looking at IYCF-Hub, ENN, etc. but you need to look for each guide and then click to find whether or not something is available in FR.

Perhaps you know of a site that has all these materials in FR (in one place)?

Thanks so much, your suggestions are much appreciated. Mija

Eleanor Rogers


Normal user

8 Aug 2022, 09:51

Many thanks for your query. We are in the final stages of proof reading the French materials of the MAMI CP and we will then share them on our website.   

Eilise Brennan

Nutrition Technical Officer, GOAL

Normal user

26 Aug 2022, 10:47

Hi Mija, the MAMI Care Pathway is now partly available in French on ENNs website - 

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