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Date format in ENA for SMART

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Anonymous 4039

Normal user

15 Aug 2022, 14:25

I have prepared a anthropometric data set in excel. When I paste it on the ENA, the date format show error. I have tried a number of date options but nothing seems to be working. Any assistance in this matter would be really appreciated.


Normal user

16 Aug 2022, 11:34

I had the same issue recently, I needed to change the date format on my laptop so the date read 2022-08-16 i.e. YYYY-MM-DD. Maybe your issue is similar. Hope it helps! 


Frequent user

16 Aug 2022, 11:57

Hi Anonymous,

I had a similar issue with pasting excel data into other software (not ENA) which appeared ot be a version issue with Excel. Instead of saving as an "Excel workbook" I saved the file as an "Excel 97-2003 workbook" then copied and pasted - problem solved. Perhaps worth a try?


Stephen Kimanzi

SMART Initiative

Normal user

17 Aug 2022, 07:35

To address this, check the date format on your computer to be like the format displayed on your ENA. If this is done, format the date cells on you excel file to display as date values and ensure you match the date format in ENA. This should work well. 

DR. Baidar Bakht Habib


Normal user

18 Aug 2022, 10:51

to addres this issueL check your computer date format that you want it will set automaticly what you want. 


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