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Choice of milk for an infant

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Kévin Debonheur

Normal user

27 Aug 2022, 06:06


What type of food to choose for an infant with a birth weight of 2000g whose mother is HIV-positive without ART.

Clarification: The mother is at an advanced stage of the disease. If possible, specify the type of milk.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards

Mohamed Hassan Mohamed


Normal user

29 Aug 2022, 04:08


Dear sir 

I think the information you are looking for  is hiring please look at this link.


Best Regards 

Pamela Morrison

IBCLC Retired.

Normal user

29 Aug 2022, 08:30

This is a very sad situation.  I'm wondering why a mother diagnosed as HIV+ would not be receiving ART?  Comparing the cost of milk for the infant and cost of ART for the mother, what is the difference, and who will look after the baby if the mother dies?  

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