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SFP ration in absence of oil

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17 Jun 2011, 15:35

From Caroline Muthiga: In a supplementary feeding project situation where oil is unavailable (nationwide), would it be appropriate to replace the amount of calories that would have been filled by vegetable oil with premix of the same calorific value?

Merry Fitzpatrick

Assistant Research Professor

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18 Jun 2011, 20:11

Hi Caroline, It's hard to imagine a place where oil is truly unavailable nationwide. Where are you? I don't have a straight answer for you, but I do have some questions that might help. Does your premix have any oils in it, or is it just something like straight CSB? Do you have an idea of what the rest of their diet is like? I'm guessing that if oil is unavailable to you, it's probably low in the rest of their diet, but maybe not. Children do need a certain amount of lipids in their diet, so it might be best to look at what alternatives are available that are high in oil naturally. Are there any oil seeds (like simsim or sunflower) available? Are there peanuts? And can you get these in the amounts you need until you are able to get oil? Another thing to consider is the amount of fiber in your premix. One of the reasons we provide oil is its high energy density. It has alot of calories in a small volume. With their small stomachs, the younger children would likely have a hard time simply eating enough volume of an oil-free premix to meet even their caloric needs. Someone else might have something better to suggest, but I thought I throw these thoughts out there in the mean time.

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