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Treating a child at 8 months and 14CM in MUAC with dehydration

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Make Hope for Development

Normal user

4 Dec 2022, 16:26

A child at 8 months and 14CM in MUAC, his appetite is good and he has dehydration, how do we treat him? And what is the dehydration effect on the MUAC value?

Jay Berkley


Frequent user

5 Dec 2022, 09:58

The child is not malnourished. Follow IIMCI prococols for dehydration.

Dehydration has small effect on MUAC - it will cause a small reduction. See:



Normal user

5 Dec 2022, 10:25

Child isn't malnourished ,please only correct the dehydration using normal ORS and not RESOMAL

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

5 Dec 2022, 12:34

MUAC can be deperssed by dehydration. but less so than WHZ. See:

Mwangome, M. K., Fegan, G., Prentice, A. M. & Berkley, J. A. Are diagnostic criteria for acute malnutrition affected by hydration status in hospitalized children? A repeated measures study. Nutrition Journal 10, 92 (2011).

available here.

I think the case in question is more likely to be dehydrated rather than malnourished and should be treated for dehydration.

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