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Support groups in emergencies - request for guidance/ documentation/ research

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Alice Burrell

Save the Children

Frequent user

17 Jan 2023, 15:54

Hello to all,

I am looking for guidance/ documented experiences/ evaluations/ research on support groups in emergenices/ humanitarian context, be it mothers/fathers support groups or peer-to-peer support groups. Please could you share anything you may have with me?

So far my search is coming up short, I have found mainly non-humanitarian contexts or at least docs that are not specific to the considerations, challenges, facilitators/barriers of an emergency setting for design and establishment of support groups as part of a larger IYCF-E response. 

These documents will inform the content of a support group in emergencies module of Save the Children's IYCF-E Curriculum. 

Thanks in advance,

Alice Burrell

Lourdes Santaballa

Alimentaci├│n Segura Infantil

Normal user

23 Jan 2023, 15:40

I do not have documented resources, but I do have field work experience. The first is to remember that use and one to one education does not constitute Code violation. It is promotion. So a non compliant product may be used in an individual context, particularly if it isn't shared or displayed in a public space or acknowledgement given to the manufacturer/violator. There are written resources on the Code that can support this aspect. Another suggestion is changing the label from branded to unbranded. Finally, it is also important to know that many branded products have bioequjivalents made by other companies that may be more accessible and we can help educate families that brand loyalty is really a commercial influence and that they can use medically safe products when the brand they're accustomed to using is not available, which is a particular issue during emergencies.

Anonymous 41501


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23 Jan 2023, 15:59

Hi, some of Ips use the Care Group approach, which has remarkable effects of cascading nutrition key messages within the community. Please review 

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