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Immediate opportunity: Consultant - Project Coordinator, Scaling Nutrition (French + English Speaking) 

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Amy Passaro

Program Manager / International Rescue Committee

Normal user

18 Jan 2023, 23:44

The International Rescue Committee is seeking a qualified professional with experience managing or coordinating health and/or nutrition programs in humanitarian or post-conflict settings. The Project Coordinator, Scaling Nutrition will work closely with the Research & Innovation and Health teams to support the coordination of a delivery model for scaling the treatment of wasting in multiple countries. The Project Coordinator will support the Project Director as the main operational lead on: progress monitoring, knowledge management and quality assurance. Fluency in English and French required. 

For more information about scaling nutrition at the IRC, visit our webpage here.  

Major Responsibilities  

Progress Acceleration: Ensure the project to generates a timely, proactive response to challenges, delays and new opportunities by: (a) developing and sustaining a comprehensive project monitoring framework that tracks progress and risks and (b) providing consistent, supportive backstopping to country-level Delivery Advisors, in those countries in which they are seconded.

To this end, the Coordinator will:  

  • Update and adapt the global project delivery tracker, ensuring it provides both high-level and detailed snapshots of progress (or barriers to and implications of a lack of progress);  
  • Prepare monthly project management reports (internal) and progress reports (external);  
  • Develop tailored communications materials to highlight the project’s progress, (i.e., briefing notes, blog posts, social media posts, etc.); 
  • Ensure coherent flows of information so that all relevant stakeholders are updated regularly, with the most relevant materials for their role and participation level;   
  • In countries with seconded Delivery Advisors, act as the primary interface with each Delivery Advisor, supporting these roles to develop and detail country scaling action plans (and track progress against them); 
  • In countries without Delivery Advisors, as requested and appropriate, directly support local stakeholders to detail country implementation plans / SOWs; 


  1. Consistently updated global project delivery tracker  
  2. Monthly project management reports / progress reports  
  3. Draft country support and implementation plan / SOWs, in collaboration with Delivery Advisors and/or other country-level stakeholders, in at least 3-4 countries  
  4. Concise and compelling project communications materials  

Knowledge Management: Facilitate the seamless sharing of knowledge across stakeholder groups (especially between in-country support and the global project groups) and documentation of lessons learned.  

To this end, the Coordinator will:  

  • Consolidate relevant resources (i.e., tools, guides, protocols, etc.) into a global ‘binder’ of resources for use by in-country partners, working with project teams to adapt or upgrading these resources to/for specific country contexts, where relevant;  
  • Ensure wide public accessibility of key products, including but not limited to Global Coordination Group (GCG) minutes and activities, as well as the binder of in-country resources;  
  • Create a system to capture, deepen and document lessons identified through the Global Coordination Group and Project Implementation Caucus;  
  • Lead the evaluation of the project’s support services, documenting user experiences through exit interviews and other methods to provide recommendations on future adjustments;  
  • Document progress, challenges, and lessons learned as countries develop scaling action plans, to fold into knowledge management work;  


  1. Accessible and user-friendly binder of resources for in-country partners  
  2. Accessible knowledge projects (e.g. GCG minutes)  
  3. Framework to capture GCG/PIC lessons learned, leading to 3 country case studies and an evaluation of available support services for scale  

 Quality Assurance: Ensure quality delivery within and across key project workstreams, such that deliverables and services meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.   

To this end, the Coordinator will:  

  • Co-develop a cross-organization ways of working (‘call-down mechanism’) to facilitate expert service delivery, leveraging the strengths of existing models and assessing/anticipating potential administrative barriers to timely deployment  
  • Prepare, standardize and adapt onboarding and offboarding materials for key support roles (i.e., Delivery Advisors and Technical Experts)  
  • Provide consistent backstopping for these support roles - especially those in French-speaking contexts - during their secondments or deployments, ensuring that needs or challenges identified are appropriately addressed by the project or other relevant groups  
  • Provide surge support to the global technical assistance support mechanism, as needed and relevant over project implementation  
  • Oversee the development of meeting agendas for the Global Coordination Group and Project Implementation Caucus, ensuring that minutes with clear action points are circulated    


  1. Administrative roadmap to anticipate and prepare for the allocation (either remotely or in-person deployment) of country-level support via the various existing technical assistance support channels  
  2. Accessible, streamlined onboarding/offboarding materials for support roles  
  3. Weekly monitoring calls with support roles during deployments  
  4. Development and dissemination of meeting agendas and minutes (including action points) for at least 5 GCG and 5 PIC meetings  

Education: a Master’s/post-graduate degree in Public Health, Nutrition or equivalent.   

Work Experience: At least 5 years of experience managing or coordinating health and/or nutrition programs in humanitarian or post-conflict settings, with significant and sustained collaboration with in-country stakeholders partners.      

Language Skills: Fluency in English and French, both in terms of verbal and written French language skills  

**To apply for this posting, please email a CV and cover letter to** 

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