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Strategies for guiding counseling (AAA, GALIDRAA, etc.) - evidence/experience

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Cat Kirk

Normal user

23 Jan 2023, 18:14


I am working with colleagues on the design of a counseling package to support the integration of responsive care and early learning with nutrition counseling to better support young children and their caregivers. 

We have been grappling with a question about what model might be most useful or appropriate for strengthening capacity for skilled counseling. Obviously there are lots of factors that go into this, however if you have any evidence or experience in using the following approaches, or any others, we'd be interested in hearing from you: 

  • Assess, Analyse, Act (AAA)
  • GALIDRAA (Greet, Ask, Listen, Identify, Discuss, Recommend, Agree, Appointment)

In particular we are interested in what you have found to work well as well as barriers to using these or other models for counseling.

Thank you! 

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