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National/State guidelines for nutrition in TB

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2 Mar 2023, 05:04

Dear Colleages,

I am conducting a review regarding nutrition recommendations in the management of TB specifically focusing on micronutrients and their supplementation. Although there is a WHO document on this, I wish to also assess what national/state guidelines recommended. As such, I will be glad if you can forward to me ( or direct me to a link(s) or contact persons where I can get national guidelines (or other relevant documents that, they could be from NGOs or other organisations/authorities) that contain guidelines/ recommendations for nutrition in TB. 

Please kindly send all communication regarding this request to

Thank you for your continuous support. 


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8 Mar 2023, 21:14

Hello! The 2017 South Sudan CMAM Guideline has a chapter on Management of acute
malnutrition in the context of HIV/AIDS/TB/Kala Azar and older people (≥60 years).

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