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Request to share CHW Tools for nutrition or health services

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MAMI Advisor - Save the Children

Normal user

9 Mar 2023, 12:48

Hello - I am currently conducting a bit of a desk review to see what tools have been developed globally, regionally, nationally or even response specific for community health workers and/or volunteers related to nutrition or health programmes/ services, I am thinking IYCF/IYCF-E, IMAM/CMAM, iCCM but open to any.

I am particularly interested to see examples of CHW tools that require minimal or no literacy skills.

This will be used to inform the design of MAMI tools for CHWs.  

I'd be very grateful if you have any examples if you are able to share those with me - either through an online link or email to me at: 

Thank you!

Dieudonne Bikorimana

MD-Critical care

Normal user

9 Mar 2023, 16:30

Hello Alice,

I suggest you consult the care group modules on the link below



Aliments Nutrition Santé

Normal user

10 Mar 2023, 01:22

I can share IYCF tolls of Burkina Faso and our experience in IYCF-E. My email:

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