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MAMI identification Card

This question was posted the Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI) forum area and has 1 replies.

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Wakari Micah

Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

22 Mar 2023, 12:29


like in the case of OTP where the caregiver and child informations is filled up in the admission card at the point of admission and the caregiver is being issued hand ration card, is there also provision for such cards at MAMI patient. if there is kindly share sample please.


MAMI Advisor - Save the Children

Normal user

23 Mar 2023, 09:11

Dear Wakari,

If you could share an email address I can send you some examples from existing MAMI implementation that you can adapt to fit the context where you are working.

Best wishes,


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