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Mohammed Mudarrifu

Nutrition Officer-HSS

Normal user

5 Apr 2023, 14:17


I have been involved in an intervention where we have little or no supplies of routine drugs (amoxicilin, vitamin A and Albendazole) at OTP services. Could someone share with me the risk associated with not giving of these drugs to patients at the OTP?


CEO Ivoire Global Health

Normal user

9 Apr 2023, 18:11

Dear Sir, having those drugs for OTP children  have shown better results for patients. I will refer to you this documentation from WHO on the subject: 


In practice the mentioned drugs are considered to be essential particularly in our poor, middle and low income countries. Be free to share any new view on the subject.


Lwiindi Madabwali

Program Officer - Nutrition (CHAI)

Normal user

11 Apr 2023, 14:21

OTP is suppose to be a program aimed at managing severe acute malnutrition with no complications and children need to be on RUTF. The OTP protoco say you have to administer an antibiotic, vitam a and dewoming to all children in OTP regardless reason being their immune system is already comprosed and needs to be supported as we are addrssing the undernutrition. the implications of not giving drugs is prolonged cure rate, ignoring possible infections which may result in episodes of relapse.  



Normal user

19 Apr 2023, 11:46


I request that you make me understand routine amoxicilin administration at OTP services.  At what ages what duration apart?



Action Against Hunger UK

Technical expert

5 May 2023, 14:22

Hi Mohammed,

You may find the WHO update of 2013 useful - this discusses Vitamin A and antibiotics. Deworming is given routinely on the presumption of worm infestation. The risk of not giving Mebendazole would depend on the risk of worm infection in each context and on the amount of infestation in the individual. There is some discussion of deworming in this en-net post 

I hope this helps,


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