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New CMAM Forum Terms of Reference

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21 Jul 2011, 15:56

The rapid expansion of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) into a diversity of contexts and the escalating demand to consolidate and share CMAM data and experiences have created a need for a clear, accessible mechanism to facilitate information sharing. Stakeholders involved in the management of acute malnutrition increasingly request that the coordination of information sharing be improved through an interactive forum that provides practical guidance on various themed subjects, especially while waiting for the development of relevant, formal, evidence-based guidelines or policies. During the July 2010 IASC Global Nutrition Cluster meeting in Geneva, a group of nutrition specialists discussed the felt need for creating a forum where discussions and information sharing on CMAM would enhance the evidence-base, promote promising practices, and consolidate learning. Subsequently, a draft concept note was developed and shared with a wide health and nutrition audience in December 2010 to solicit feedback on and involvement in the CMAM Forum. The objective of the CMAM Forum is to establish a robust information sharing mechanism to strengthen quality management of acute malnutrition through consolidating the evidence-base, promising practices, and lessons learnt. The new CMAM Forum terms of reference (TOR) document proposes a two-phased strategy: In Phase One a temporary structure to establish the CMAM Forum will be set up. A CMAM Forum Phase One Facilitator will be appointed to lead the activities in collaboration with the CMAM Forum ad hoc group and/or the Core Group members. Phase one will last for a maximum of 6-8 months. In Phase Two the CMAM Forum will be established as a robust information sharing mechanism. The forum will comprise groups with various levels of engagement, including a Core Group, an Associates group, and specific thematic task forces as and when required. Agencies or individuals with experience in CMAM will be invited or may nominate themselves to join these groups. A Sharing Portal or website will be set up to facilitate information-sharing for all those engaged in CMAM activities with the aim of strengthening quality management of acute malnutrition by consolidating the evidence-base, promising practices, and lessons learnt. For more information or to access a full copy of the TOR please contact Nicky Dent, or Hedwig Deconinck

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