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RESEARCH for NUTRITION, #R4NUT 2023, the International Scientific Conference by ACF

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Adélaïs de Roquefeuil

Action Contre la Faim (ACF)

Normal user

19 Sep 2023, 16:03

We look forward to seeing you at the fifth RESEARCH for NUTRITION International Scientific Conference, #R4NUT 2023.

This year, the conference will be held on November 6 & 7 at the Château de Nanterre, near Paris.

It will be an opportunity to highlight the latest results of humanitarian research projects for the PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT of UNDERNUTRITION.

Please have a look at the AGENDA of the conference.

Whether you are a researcher, academician, university professor/student, government official, donor, funder or simply interested in the topic, register now to attend PRESENTLY or ONLINE.

Register HERE.

For further information, please visit the conference website.

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