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SFP discharge criteria

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Anne-Dominique Israel

Nutrition & Health consultant

Normal user

25 Feb 2009, 08:01

Is there any consensus on SFP discharge criteria? >=-1SD seems far too high and not realistic for MAM children to achieve within a SFP. So we were thinking using -1.5SD as an intermediary step, but this is based on vague equivalences between WHO and NCHS (and it is not a constant or linear relationship) Any suggestions/ experience of using -1.5SD ? Thanks

Mark Manary

Washington University School of Medicine

Technical expert

29 Apr 2009, 23:51

The most widely used discharge criteria is > -2 z score WHZ. The WHO standards are more and more the norm, there is no use resisting them. Many SFPs treat children for fixed period of time, such as 8 weeks, rather than until patients eclipse a certain z score.

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