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THERAPEUTIC MILK - new sachet/carton sizes

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Marie McGrath


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2 Aug 2011, 15:36

Notification from UNICEF supplies (Jan Komrska) Substantial changes have been made to the sachet sizes for F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milk as well as to the carton sizes. Previously, sachets were reconstituted before use by adding 2 litres of boiled water to the content of each sachet, producing about 2.4 litres of liquid milk. However there were problems with wastage as lower volumes were typically used. A scoop was included to prepare smaller volumes, but there were problems with incorrect dilutions. As a result, UNICEF initiated discussions with UNICEF offices, operational partners and suppliers to resolve this and new sachets are now available. New sachets will be reconstituted by adding 500ml of boiled cooled water which will result in 600 ml of liquid milk. No scoop will be provided. Carton sizes have also been adjusted to reflect the higher demand for F-75 and lower demand for F-100. The F-75 carton could previously produce 48 litres of F-75 milk; this has now been increased to 72 litres. The F-100 carton could previously produce 72 litres, but will now produce 54 litres. The new milks can be ordered from suppliers directly or through UNICEF Supply Division. Product specifications are available in the UNICEF Supply catalogue accessible here: The products can be found in Section 03 Nutrition / Therapeutic food The price of the F-75 and F-100 as calculated per litre has increased slightly because of the higher volume of packaging material needed for the new sachet sizes. However this will be offset by the saving on wastage of milk. The product composition has not changed and the nutritional values calculated per 100g of product remain unchanged. The product shelf life remains 24 months as well. UNICEF Supply Division has inspected the manufacturing facilities and approved the following sources of F-75 and F-100: • Challenge Dairy Products Inc in USA • MSI GmbH in Germany • Nutriset SAS in France The composition of the products from these manufactures is identical and the products are therefore interchangeable. It is important to note that should anybody need F-75 and F-100 in old sachets producing 2.4 litres of milk these could be still ordered from Challenge Dairy Products Inc in USA. Jan Komrska at, Nutrition Unit, UNICEF Supply Division

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