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Use of metronidazole in malnourished children

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Anonymous 360


Normal user

2 Aug 2011, 20:43

A programme in Sudan has discontinued prescription of metronidazole for malnourished children on account of some study done in south America indicating it does more harm than good in malnourished children in need of this medication especially for treating diarrhea with mucus/blood. I need more accurate information on metronidazole and if indeed its no longer recommended for malnourished children, what other options are available? Thanks. MK

Jay Berkley

Frequent user

2 Aug 2011, 22:54

Do you have a reference to the South American study? The only actual trial I have seen is this: & but it was not compared to amoxicillin or benzyl penicillin plus gentamicin. There is a small Mexican pharmacokinetic study suggesting dosage may need to be adjusted in malnutrition: jay


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

24 Aug 2011, 20:16

From Mordecai: Hi Jay, Thank you for your feedback. Let me contact my colleague aforementioned study. Mordecai

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