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Use of sucrosomial iron

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Anne Merewood

Director, CHEERing

Normal user

24 Mar 2024, 10:58

Hello All - We work with refugee populations and supplement appropriate doses of OTC oral iron in various forms when women test positive for anemia. We have just received a huge donation of sucrosomial iron. I reviewed a lot of the literature, and I gather it's well tolerated and well absorbed. I cannot find a guideline exactly recommending dosage though. Can anyone refer me to any guidelines around dosage using sucrosomial iron specifically? Thank you!

Megan Bourassa

Normal user

27 Mar 2024, 15:01

From what I've seen sucrosomial iron is fairly new so it hasn't made its way into any guidelines that I'm aware of. The most recent review in the topic suggests that there is no completed, published study looking at the efficacy of sucrosomial iron in comparison with ferrous sulfate in anemic pregnant women. The Spanish study comparing sucrosomial iron (30mg elemental iron) (30mg elemental iron) vs ferrous sulfate (80mg elemental iron) in anemic pregnant women has preliminary results on tolerability but not efficacy ( - page 35).

Its hard to say but 30 mg might be a good starting point, especially if you can retest for anemia after 4 weeks and you could go up from there if there is no response. 

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