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Request for a model of a project with a Positive Deviance budget (Home)

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Expert Nutrition

Normal user

2 Apr 2024, 14:53

Hello dear colleagues.

I hope you're doing well.

Would it be possible to send us a model of a project (including budget) of Positive Deviance/Home as this will help us in the development of a project that we want to implement.

We will be so grateful for your feedback.

Our thanks in anticipation.



Justine Aenishaenslin

World Vision (Germany)

Normal user

7 May 2024, 12:00

Hi emmanuel, 

WV has several open-source documents available on how to design a PDH program.  the IQA document in particular shows the steps during the implementation session that are "essential" for the functioning of the project. While it doesn't have an example budget it could help you consider what activities need to be budgeted for. 

Positive Deviance/Hearth | Nutrition | World Vision International (

hope that helps, 


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