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FHI 360 is looking for an experienced Emergency Nutrition Consultant for Somali Region, Ethiopia

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Senior Emergency Nutrition Adviser

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23 May 2024, 11:00

Duration: 2 months

Duty Station: TBC in Somali Region

Conduct initial site visits and woreda prioritization with the officials and partners in targeted woredas in Somali region.

Support in the site assessment, identification, and baseline for Somali region.

Work with the M&E to make any new adaptions to the ITT tracker as well as Output tracker as maybe necessary in consultation with the  HQ advisers.

Engage UNICEF and WFP regional nutrition focal persons to discuss access to nutrition supplies for the management of MAM and SAM cases.

Engage the Nutrition Cluster/RENCU and the RHB Nutrition Focal Person to finalize o the locations/health facilities/communities and the interventions that will be supported by FHI 360 and Pastoralist Concern.

Support in the recruitment of the H&N staff for the two field offices i.e Cherati and Filtu field offices.

Provide a refresher training/orientation of the newly recruited H&N staff for Somali region on emergency nutrition.

Manage the startup of H&N activities in Somali, including travel to the site, participation in coordination, meetings with officials, identification of facilities, training plans for staff, HR for the technical staff, and supply planning.

Work with operations where needed to assist in startup including sharing information for security plans, contributing to office location identification, providing information on need for vehicles etc.

Attend any cluster coordination forums that maybe in place in the implementation zones as well as national clusters.

Enforce coordination and integration of the new teams in both Filtu and Cherati at start up and work with other already existing technical leads on the startup.

Regular communication with in-country leadership as well as advisors at HQ to update on progress.

Any other activities as deemed necessary by the RC and DRC.


Completed supervision tools and action plan.

Workplan for H&N team for the ISHINE III

Completed procurement plan and relevant requisitions to the logistics completed.

Develop and adapt relevant H&N SOP/technical guideline necessary for Somali response.

Completed recruitment and necessary induction to the teams.

Written and verbal handover to the relevant staff in country.

Email the CV of the relevant candidate to:  &

Please in the subject of the email indicate: Nutrition Consultant Somali Region.

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