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Qualitative Data Analysis, Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP) Study Consultant, Niger

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Kirk A Dearden

IMA World Health/Corus International

Normal user

1 Jul 2024, 12:17

MIHR is part of a suite of six MOMENTUM awards from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Global Health (GH). The key focus is building resilience in fragile settings for maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (MNCAH), voluntary family planning (FP), and reproductive health (RH) care and services. MIHR needs a consultant for data analyses to understand the implementation of growth monitoring and promotion (GMP) in Niger, which is one of several deliverables to USAID under the MIHR project. The consultant is responsible for the activities listed below: - Review Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol and all data collection instruments to better understand the data to be analyzed. - Review all qualitative data and code data using inductive and deductive reasoning. Consult with relevant MIRH staff, and CERFE (MIHR subcontractor) about codes before embarking on data analysis. - Build upon analyses carried out by the local research firm and carry out additional analyses prioritized by MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience staff. Coordinate with one staff member from the Ministry of Health who has already participated in the study to increase the government’s commitment to using the results to improve GMP. - Looking across multiple sources of data (focus groups, positive deviance inquiries, observations of community health workers and health facility workers, key informant interviews, mapping) address research study objectives and answer the questions outlined in the IRB protocol. Specifically: 1. Document which GMP activities are currently being used, including (among others): a. Existing GMP efforts in government health facilities and in communities; b. Approaches introduced by UNICEF in Niger, known as Promotion de la Croissance a Assise Communautaire (PCAC); c. Strategies included as part of Positive Deviance/Hearth, known as Foyer Apprentissage de Rehabilitation Nutritionelle (FARN); and d. GMP activities carried out by other implementing partners in the country. 2. Identify successes and challenges with GMP in Niger including accurate measurement and data plotting/recording, health communication and counselling, caretakers’ understanding of growth charts and healthy child growth, and data use. 3. Provide recommendations, base one research described above to inform phase two of the work (described below). - Document any challenges with qualitative data (e.g., missing data). - Suggest analyses that could be conducted that aren’t part of the initial plan (as described above). - Coordinate with individuals who conducted data collection, on an as-needed basis. - Conduct two to three 2-hour capacity strengthening exercises for field office staff in the basics of qualitative data analysis. This training will be hands-on, will likely involve just a few field staff, and will consist of brief presentations (~15 minutes) followed by working sessions when data are coded and analyzed in a software package such as NVivo or Atlas.ti, and assignments. - Contribute to abstract submission. Prepare manuscript(s) to be submitted for publicatio

Anticipated Start Date: July 26, 2024 Anticipated End Date: September 20, 2024 (approximately ~25 days of level of effort).

Qualifications: • Extensive previous experience conducting qualitative data analysis, preferably in nutrition and health. Fluency in French and English. • Well-versed in the use of qualitative data analysis software (NVivo is preferred but Atlas.TI and other software are acceptable). • Familiar with Niger or at least elsewhere in Francophone West Africa.

For further information, contact Kirk Dearden, Senior Technical Advisor for Nutrition and WASH, or

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