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UNICEF HQ, nNew York, Consultant. Nutrition Specialist (Emergencies) sought

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Marie McGrath


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14 Sep 2011, 12:28

Post Title: Nutrition Specialist (Emergencies) Contract type : Consultant Duration : 6 Months Starting date : 1st October 2011 Duty Station : New York Background The Nutrition Emergency Unit is currently carrying on a number of responsibilities to strengthen information systems as well as capacities of country offices to scale-up coverage and quality of life-saving interventions. In particular, the unit is currently working in partnership with Valid International to strengthen the information systems for management of acute malnutrition, which includes the development of database and support the CMAM platform for knowledge management. The unit is also reviewing its policies and strategies to strengthen the capacities of country offices as well as partners in a more systematic and comprehensive manner. Moreover, the unit actively engages with partners at global level, and is an active member of the Global Nutrition Cluster, ensuring UNICEF contribution and leadership in key discussions and developments. In addition to working on key issues at global level, the unit is also actively monitoring and supporting countries affected by emergencies (e.g. Horn of Africa) to ensure that UNICEF delivers on its commitments to children and women. To achieve its targets in a timely manner the unit requires additional support and expertise on a temporary basis. Purpose of the Consultancy Temporarily enhance the Unit’s capacity to effectively respond to key commitments in the area of nutrition information; country monitoring and support; supply monitoring and planning; as well as developing technical guidelines and tools. Key Expected Results 1. The consultant will monitor the nutrition situation in selected countries and provide, in collaboration with the unit team, guidance on priority actions to be taken. In addition, the consultant will support the unit in providing direct technical support to countries in the development and preparation of country programs strategies and action plans, as appropriate. 2. The consultant will support the unit with the development of materials for nutrition in emergencies, with a focus on nutrition information, program monitoring and evaluation when needs arise. In addition, the consultant will support the development of technical capacity of UNICEF staff through training and mentoring activities in this area. 3. The consultant will be the focal point for Supply Division whenever supply issues arise from country offices about requisitions or products. In addition the consultant will directly support country offices in developing yearly forecast for essential commodities. The consultant will also draft technical notes for specific products when needs arise. 4. The consultant will monitor the implementation of specific activities under existing partnerships for nutrition information e.g. Zambia study and the CMAM forum to ensure that activities and deliverables are met on time and as per the set standards. 4. Accountabilities and Responsibilities The Consultant will be responsible for ensuring the timely completion of all deliverables meeting defined and agreed quality standards. 5. Qualifications of Successful Candidate University degree in health, nutrition, agriculture, or social sciences with expertise in food policy or nutrition issues. Six years progressively responsible experience in research, programme management or advisory support at national and international level. Proven experience in managing emergencies is an asset. Fluency in English and another UN language either French or Spanish. 6. Competencies of Successful Candidate Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public speaking. Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals. Translates strategic direction into plans and objectives. Analyzes and integrates diverse and complex quantitative and qualitative data from a wide range of sources. Quickly builds rapport with individuals and groups; maintains an effective network of individuals across organizational departments. Identifies urgent and potentially difficult decisions and acts on them promptly; initiates and generates team- and department-wide activities. Demonstrates, applies and shares expert technical knowledge across the organization. 7. Application Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, CV and P 11 form (which can be downloaded from our website or email: with subject line “Nutrition Specialist (Emergencies)” by Wednesday, September 21st 2011. Please indicate your ability, availability, and daily/monthly rate to undertake the terms of reference above. Applications submitted without a daily rate will not be considered.

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